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A for Avocados

The new superfood and hormone balancer. Avocados have always been around but recently they have become increasingly popular due to its health benefits.


Corporate Wellness Dubai

Prominent Features of a Corporate Wellness Program

The new superfood and hormone balancer. Avocados have always been around but recently they have become increasingly popular due to its health benefits.


Gut Health

7 Ways To Improve Gut Health

The new superfood and hormone balancer. Avocados have always been around but recently they have become increasingly popular due to its health benefits.


B for Beans

Perhaps you would be surprised to read this as beans have a certain stigma attached to them. I believe they are not only delicious, but it is a well-known fact that they have wonderful health-giving properties.


C for Celery Juicing

Have you heard all the hype around celery juice? Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables. It can also reduce the risk of illness and provide pain relief.


D for Dark Chocolate

We all love chocolate but feel guilty about eating it. It is rare to find an individual who doesn’t like chocolates.


E for Edamame

Edamame is a delicious and nutritious heart-healthy food that anyone who is interested in healthy eating may want to consider incorporating into their diet.


F for Flowers

The Dandelion, one of the members of the famous herb or flower family is really nothing more than a big help to everyone. The remarkable growth of the Dandelion leaves can really be noticed by most anyone.


G for Glorious Greens

Green vegetables are the most commonly missing food in modern diets. Learning to incorporate dark leafy greens into the diet is essential to establishing a healthy body and immune system.


H for High-Fat Diet

Being an Indian, Hindu myself, I grew up in a small town in India, Pune. My mother always inculcated the strong values of our culture among my sister and me. However, I loved the fact that most of these values surrounded around food and festivals and more food during festivals.


I for Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is an approach to eating that helps build a relationship between the mind and body. An intuitarian is a term that describes a person who is able to distinguish and respond to inner body cues regarding food and drink, which could be physical and/or emotional.


J for Juice Cleanses

The terms “cleanse” and “detox” are often used in relation to health. To cleanse the body is to remove toxic environmental and dietary substances through a specific regimen. Programs that fall into this category include candida cleanses, liver cleanses, and colon cleanses among many other juice and/or food-based cleanses.


K for Knives

One of the kitchen tools that really fascinate me is to have the right fancy knife for the right food. Now, this does not mean, throw away the ones you already have. The key is to use exactly what you have in your kitchen right now, you can always purchase new things along the way.


L for Lean Belly Diet

The Lean Belly Prescription: The fast and foolproof diet and weight-loss plan from America's top urgent-care doctor was created by well-known Travis Stork, MD, along with editor of Men’s Magazine – Peter Moore. Together these two men created a


M for My Mindful Eating Tips

Building a nourishing relationship with food is as much, if not more, about how you eat than what you eat! Mindful eating means eating with intention, or purpose – in particular, to nourish both body and mind – and paying attention to current eating habits in the moment, without judgment.


N for Neat - Boosting Neat

A variety of factors can impact weight, including lifestyle. While exercise is important, so is the movement you do throughout the day – when you’re not officially “exercising.” NEAT- stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, and it’s basically all of the energy you expend when you’re not sleeping, eating, or “exercising.” It even includes fidgeting!


O for Over-40 Diet

After age 40, I became more intrigued towards this diet and over the last four years realized how much it was in tune with my mind and body. Now what happens is, after 40,the body begins to store fat at a higher rate making it more difficult to keep off excess weight.


P for Plant-Based Diets

The earth is covered in plants that provide living creatures with food to keep us healthy and medicine for when we are sick. It makes sense that plants are an essential part of any healthy way of eating. Even in the harshest conditions, plant life, in some form, has been a part of traditional diets.


Q for Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) has the highest nutritional profile and cooks the fastest of all grains. It’s an extremely high-energy grain and has been grown and consumed for about 8,000 years on the high plains of the Andes Mountains in South America. I personally even use it as a rice substitute with all my favorite Indian curries too.


R for Raw Food Diet

So this is what I learnt in all my findings, a raw food diet focuses on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruit, and seaweed. The diet omits foods that are processed or significantly cooked.


S for Sleep Yourself Well

Our bodies take cues from our actions. What we eat, when we eat it, what we do, and when we do it are all part of an intricate system of signals that our brain uses to regulate all it needs to do for us to thrive and survive. Honoring these rhythms is vital to our well-being.


T for Traditional Medicinals

Many of these powerful healing medicinals were generally found in her pantry! She often narrated stories about our grandparents and ancestors who used these remedies for thousands of years and how we continue to treat ourselves even today.


U for Ultra Metabolism Diet

In The Ultrametabolism Diet, Mark Hyman, MD, introduces a diet about food choice and how it relates to nutrigenomics – the relationship between an individual’s genes and the food they eat. The objective is to understand and monitor the connection between what you eat and how you feel.


V for Vitamin D

Many of these powerful healing medicinals were generally found in her pantry! She often narrated stories about our grandparents and ancestors who used these remedies for thousands of years and how we continue to treat ourselves even today.


X for Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are man-made chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system and meddle with our ability to excrete estrogen, potentially leading to estrogen dominance as well as developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects. To my knowledge, xenoestrogens never have the potential for positive action.


Y for Yoga of Breathing

Finding emotional relief through self-soothing, self-connection, and self-empowerment is a helpful way to curb tendencies toward food, or other unhelpful “Band-Aids.” The diaphragm is the most efficient breathing muscle, and it’s the primary muscle used in inspiration (breathing in).


Z for Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was written by Dr. Barry Sears, a former research scientist at the Boston University School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Through his research, he developed a plan designed to control insulin, glucagon, and eicosanoids, the three primary hormones associated with weight control. 


I am Sheetal…

I am an accredited Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a USA based and world’s largest health coaching organisation. 

I am also a Hormone Health specialist and an expert in Emotional Eating

I have experienced personally the pain of losing a loved one early in life to poor health and I am now passionate about helping my clients make small but sustainable changes for long term wellbeing. I also help my clients to address their hormonal conditions (e.g. PCOS, Thyroid, reproductive disorders) with right food choices leading to reduced medication and even reversal of the condition.

Read my story   Read about Health Coaching


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my daughter not only eats healthy but also is well prepared to live on her own

When we hear about a health coach, the biggest fear that strikes our mind is the fear of losing the freedom of enjoying our favorite food. This, along with the prospect of including some new food in our routine which we may not like at all prevents us from approaching a health expert.

Like most people, I too had all these inhibitions until I reached out to Sheetal for my teenage daughters eating habits. Our experience with Sheetal and her educative, instead of a restrictive approach, has shown us that there is a genuinely happier way of mending one’s health. She has been an extremely good listener and has worked not only on the eating habits but also the mindset of my daughter.

After six months of seeing Sheetal, my daughter not only eats healthy but also is well prepared to live on her own, cook her own healthy meal and take care of her health whilst keeping in mind her financial budget when she is in the University far away from the comfort of her home.

I would strongly recommend Sheetal’s health coaching to all the parents whose children are moving away from home for higher education and are going to be by themselves in coming months. Sheetal will add significant value to their health and lifestyle habits and make them self-aware and self-dependent.

(A parent who was keen for her daughter to make a smooth transition to her new university life)

I was suffering from PCOS for a long, had irregular menstrual cycle and had put on a lot of weight

After just 3 months of consultation with Sheetal, I have lost 7 kilos and my menstrual cycle is now regular. As an additional benefit, I am much calmer and able to set my long term academic
and career goals.
[Spoorthy, A 23 year old Dubai based working professional]

Sheetal helped me manage my time and priorities better and produce better professional and personal outcomes

As a successful entrepreneur, I found it difficult to give appropriate priority to my own health and wellbeing. Sheetal helped me to make practical changes to my diet which produced
sustainable weight loss and helped me feel more energetic. Sheetal provided me excellent support throughout the program to help me adhere to my new lifestyle.
[Varun, A young and successful entrepreneur who wanted to lead a more balanced life]

My skin is free of acne and is glowing again

I found Sheetal’s approach to be non-judgmental which allowed me to completely open up to her to explore solutions for my wellbeing goals and overall personality development. I am now more outgoing and confident, and my social life has improved. My skin is free of acne and is
glowing again.
[ D.N.;A 17 year old student with skin conditions that affected her confidence and social life]

I developed self-confidence and was able to overcome my fears

My top 3 goals in my 6 months program with Sheetal were to have a positive mindset, healthy lifestyle and the ability to say ‘NO’ to people.
Sheetal was able to help me achieve these goals. I developed self-confidence and was able to overcome my fears. Further, I am also less stressed.
Sheetal is a great coach and I loved working with her.
[Shruti; a busy young professional]

My green juicing habit, thanks to Sheetal, is a game changer

Sheetal, my Health Coach for 6 months, came into my life at a time when I realized I needed to up my health game, both physically and emotionally.
Having met a few health coaches and counsellors in my early 20’s and 30’s, I can not emphasise how important it is to have a ‘great rapport’ with your coach. Sheetal easily understood my
psychology, my (bad) food habits and gut issues that stemmed from my anxiety and sadness. I gelled with her so comfortably and could speak to her with utmost ease. Sheetal embodies all
the qualities of a good health coach!
I highly recommend Sheetal for your health coaching needs
[A client who prefers not to disclose her name]

My stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are under control

My aim in the 6 month program with Sheetal was to stop smoking, manage stress and bring my blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels under control.
She understood my problems and family history clearly; taught me to take one step at a time and achieve my goals be making small changes. My stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels
are under control now.
Sheetal is an extremely good listener and has a great knowledge of the subject. I would recommend Sheetal to anyone who wants to bring about a health change.
[Rakesh; an insurance professional]

Sheetal has completely changed my approach towards food

I came to Sheetal for weight loss, a healthy lifestyle and modulating my stress.
I have to say Sheetal helped me in all three areas. She gave me a sustainable food plan after reviewing my medical history that improved not only my health and energy levels but also improved my emotional state.
Sheetal is extremely knowledgeable and detailed; she is also kind and caring. 

Great experience!

My diabetes is now under control

After undergoing the coaching program with Sheetal, I am able to bring my diabetes under control, I feel more energetic and light and my newly acquired meditation practice helps me sleep better. The increased awareness of nutrition in cooking has benefited the entire family.
[ Bashir Manjari, a school teacher who wanted to focus on her health after the loss of a family member due to ill health]

In our Family Coaching program, both of us lost weight

We started our Family Coaching journey with Sheetal to lose weight and develop a workout routine. During the program, both of us lost weight and even had a clearer skin. Sheetal is amazing, easy to talk to and very understanding. Would recommend her to everyone.
[Pawan and Nikita, a couple married for 15 years who underwent a Family Coaching program]