When was the last time you talked
with someone about your health?

I am Sheetal…

I am an accredited Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a USA based and world’s largest health coaching organisation. 

I am also a Hormone Health specialist and an expert in Emotional Eating

I have experienced personally the pain of losing a loved one early in life to poor health and I am now passionate about helping my clients make small but sustainable changes for long term wellbeing. I also help my clients to address their hormonal conditions (e.g. PCOS, Thyroid, reproductive disorders) with right food choices leading to reduced medication and even reversal of the condition.

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It is never too late to begin your wellness journey

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching adopts a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by focusing on not only what you eat but why you make the food choices that you do. Think of me as a mentor who will guide you to choose nourishing foods best suited for your unique nutritional needs, and also help you deal with underlying lifestyle factors – stress, anxiety, relationships – to make the changes lifelong habits. 

My clients experience physical benefits – weight loss, greater stamina, regular bowel movement, clear skin – but also report lower stress, better relationships, improved focus, greater calm and increased positivity. 

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Nutrition + Lifestyle + Support = The New You

Change can be difficult, but with appropriate guidance and regular support,
even small changes can transform your life

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A thoughtfully designed wellness programs for corporates to create a healthier and happier workplace. It help employees towards better lifestyle, physical wellness, safety and mental health.

Invest in your employee wellbeing to improve overall
engagement, productivity and performance


Sheetal will touch many more lives the way she has touched mine

Sheetal is an extremely understanding, committed and supportive individual who constantly encourages you to make better lifestyle choices and provides support while you make those transformation changes. 

During my 6 months journey with Sheetal, I became aware about various food groups and how they affect health and the emotional triggers behind my food choices. I became increasingly conscious of my eating habits and even became more mindful during my meals. I developed a good and sustainable eating and exercise regime. I now find myself calmer and happier.

The impact of the program also impacted other areas of my life. Her mantra of ‘the most precious gift you can give your loved ones is your own health’ resonated with me and I gained better appreciation of the need to look after my own health to be able to look after my family.  

I can’t thank Sheetal enough for helping me discover how life can be balanced so effectively. 

[Soumya who wanted to lose weight, develop healthy eating habits, greater self awareness and develop a more positive outlook on life]

I suffered from PCOS

I also wanted to clear out my acne, lose weight and gain more positive energy.
Sheetal introduced me to the practice of gratitude, provided nutritional information and helped me overcome my eating disorder.
Sheetal has been understanding, non-judgmental and compassionate throughout my health journey.

HamsiniI suffered from PCOS and I wanted to clear out my acne, lose weight, and gain more positive energy in the process. Sheetal introduced me to the practice of gratitude, planned out nutritional guidelines and worked with me on my eating disorders. Sheetal has been understanding, non-judgemental and compassionate throughout my health journey.

[Hamsini a young professional]

In our Family Coaching program, both of us lost weight

We started our Family Coaching journey with Sheetal to lose weight and develop a workout routine. During the program, both of us lost weight and even had a clearer skin. Sheetal is amazing, easy to talk to and very understanding. Would recommend her to everyone.
[Pawan and Nikita, a couple married for 15 years who underwent a Family Coaching program]

My diabetes is now under control

After undergoing the coaching program with Sheetal, I am able to bring my diabetes under control, I feel more energetic and light and my newly acquired meditation practice helps me sleep better. The increased awareness of nutrition in cooking has benefited the entire family.
[ Bashir Manjari, a school teacher who wanted to focus on her health after the loss of a family member due to ill health]

Sheetal has completely changed my approach towards food

I came to Sheetal for weight loss, a healthy lifestyle and modulating my stress.
I have to say Sheetal helped me in all three areas. She gave me a sustainable food plan after reviewing my medical history that improved not only my health and energy levels but also improved my emotional state.
Sheetal is extremely knowledgeable and detailed; she is also kind and caring. 

Great experience!

My stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are under control

My aim in the 6 month program with Sheetal was to stop smoking, manage stress and bring my blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels under control.
She understood my problems and family history clearly; taught me to take one step at a time and achieve my goals be making small changes. My stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels
are under control now.
Sheetal is an extremely good listener and has a great knowledge of the subject. I would recommend Sheetal to anyone who wants to bring about a health change.
[Rakesh; an insurance professional]

My green juicing habit, thanks to Sheetal, is a game changer

Sheetal, my Health Coach for 6 months, came into my life at a time when I realized I needed to up my health game, both physically and emotionally.
Having met a few health coaches and counsellors in my early 20’s and 30’s, I can not emphasise how important it is to have a ‘great rapport’ with your coach. Sheetal easily understood my
psychology, my (bad) food habits and gut issues that stemmed from my anxiety and sadness. I gelled with her so comfortably and could speak to her with utmost ease. Sheetal embodies all
the qualities of a good health coach!
I highly recommend Sheetal for your health coaching needs
[A client who prefers not to disclose her name]

I developed self-confidence and was able to overcome my fears

My top 3 goals in my 6 months program with Sheetal were to have a positive mindset, healthy lifestyle and the ability to say ‘NO’ to people.
Sheetal was able to help me achieve these goals. I developed self-confidence and was able to overcome my fears. Further, I am also less stressed.
Sheetal is a great coach and I loved working with her.
[Shruti; a busy young professional]

My skin is free of acne and is glowing again

I found Sheetal’s approach to be non-judgmental which allowed me to completely open up to her to explore solutions for my wellbeing goals and overall personality development. I am now more outgoing and confident, and my social life has improved. My skin is free of acne and is
glowing again.
[ D.N.;A 17 year old student with skin conditions that affected her confidence and social life]

Sheetal helped me manage my time and priorities better and produce better professional and personal outcomes

As a successful entrepreneur, I found it difficult to give appropriate priority to my own health and wellbeing. Sheetal helped me to make practical changes to my diet which produced
sustainable weight loss and helped me feel more energetic. Sheetal provided me excellent support throughout the program to help me adhere to my new lifestyle.
[Varun, A young and successful entrepreneur who wanted to lead a more balanced life]

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Media Coverage

Juicing, Your Way to health

Of the discoveries that I had made on my journey to discover nutritious food, one of my favorites is “Juicing”.

Juicing is a great way to:

  • Pack your body with nutrient-dense foods. Don’t like carrots? Try juicing them with other vegetables
  • Build immunity with food. Find turmeric difficult to consume? Hate the flavor of ginger? Add a bit of turmeric and ginger to any juice and the flavors will blend beautifully
  • Improve digestion. Find it difficult to digest raw greens? Combine them with a fruit of your choice, say Mango or Banana; and see your body digest it without any difficulty
  • Get clear skin without an expensive trip to the parlor. 
  • Greater focus and clarity in thinking… without your daily cuppa of acid-forming coffee. 
However, people often get confused:
  • Should I have a smoothie or a juice?
  • Which type of juicer should I buy? Should I buy a blender instead?
  • How should I combine different foods so that my juice at home tastes just like that exotic juice in that health café?
Here is my free e-book on Juicing that contains all this information and loads of recipes developed by me over many years    

Download my free e-book on Juicing