N for Neat – Boosting Neat

A variety of factors can impact weight, including lifestyle. While exercise is important, so is the movement you do throughout the day – when you’re not officially “exercising.” NEAT- stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, and it’s basically all of the energy you expend when you’re not sleeping, eating, or “exercising.” It even includes fidgeting! A little goes a
long way!
Even if you exercise every day, that’s still only an hour or so of exercise. What about the other 16 or so hours that you’re awake? Fitting more movement into your day helps you feel better physically and emotionally by increasing overall energy level and feelings of wellness in ways that feel enjoyable and manageable. In short, NEAT is a great way to develop a more nourishing relationship with movement in ways that work for you!

The tips below includes a variety of ideas for boosting NEAT. These are in terms of a few tips you can do at your home, office or outside.

1. Home
• Clean the house.
• Take a stretch/stand break every 30 minutes.
• Squat to get to items in low cupboards.
• Do calf raises while brushing your teeth.
• Play with your kids ordo a little dance.
• Perform wall sits or lunges during commerical breaks.

2. Office
• Take the stairs versus the elevator.
• Have walking meetings.
• Use a standing desk.
• Sit on a stability ball versus a regular chair.
• Place garbage further from your desk so you have to get up.
• Set a timer to stand up every 30 minutes.

• Park the car further from the store entrance.
• Take multiple trips to carry bags into your home.
• Opt for more “active” activities: Rock-climbing, jogging, even bowling!
• Set a goal of a certain amount of steps each day.
• Go for a lunch walk

Try them and in just few weeks you will definitely notice a huge change in your energy levels, mood
and weight. Create a chart for yourself or just add on a few more to this list.


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