Sheetal will touch many more lives the way she has touched mine

Sheetal is an extremely understanding, committed and supportive individual who constantly encourages you to make better lifestyle choices and provides support while you make those transformation changes. 

During my 6 months journey with Sheetal, I became aware about various food groups and how they affect health and the emotional triggers behind my food choices. I became increasingly conscious of my eating habits and even became more mindful during my meals. I developed a good and sustainable eating and exercise regime. I now find myself calmer and happier.

The impact of the program also impacted other areas of my life. Her mantra of ‘the most precious gift you can give your loved ones is your own health’ resonated with me and I gained better appreciation of the need to look after my own health to be able to look after my family.  

I can’t thank Sheetal enough for helping me discover how life can be balanced so effectively. 

[Soumya who wanted to lose weight, develop healthy eating habits, greater self awareness and develop a more positive outlook on life]


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