Prominent Features of a Corporate Wellness Program

Most chronic health problems include heart attacks, strokes, insomnia, anxiety attacks, etc. They are mainly caused by a stressful lifestyle. Multiple surveys show that the corporate environment and its work pressure can be a major reason behind the stressful lifestyle for many people in Dubai. Hence, incorporating healthy habits and introducing a corporate wellness Dubai program can be beneficial for your company.

So, if you are also interested in corporate wellness programs or want to implement them in your corporate company, read on as here we discuss some prominent features of a corporate wellness program.


  • Wellness coaching sessions

    A prominent feature of any quality corporate wellness program is counseling or coaching sessions. It is not easy to persuade someone to recognize their negative habits and cut them out. Therefore, counseling sessions of a corporate wellness program help people to identify and overcome their negative aspects scientifically. In the corporate wellness coaching sessions, employees get trained to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as the right way to vent stress, being helpful to colleagues, promoting healthy competition, and open discussion on a list of topics that are relevant to employees.

  • A health risk assessment or HRA

    Another important feature of any corporate wellness Dubai program is the Health Risk Assessment. This is a questionnaire session of a wellness program and also the first step that assesses the overall health risks of your employees therefore you will be able to provide feedback to the employees like motivating them to move towards a healthy lifestyle, promoting healthy changes, etc. Implementing HRA in your company can be beneficial for both you and your employees.

  • Biometrics screening

    Biometrics screening is also an important part of most corporate wellness programs in Dubai and almost every top-rated company has this facility nowadays. Biometrics screening helps to detect levels of cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure, etc. of your employees. Therefore, the Biometrics screening also helps to prevent future health risks. The main purpose of doing the Biometrics screening is to spread awareness and educate your employees about their health and overall wellness. But do remember this screening cannot replace the physical examination and a visit to an expert doctor.

  • Web health tracking

    Another key feature of any corporate wellness program is the web-based health tracking facility. The web-based health tracking facility is also a common feature in most corporate wellness programs. The web-based health tracking tools help to track different health aspects of the employee as well as provide different and interesting features that include food recipes, health goal tracker, journal, daily health assessment, and many more.

  • Fitness

    Fitness or physical activity is not only a prominent part of corporate wellness in Dubai but also in most modern countries. Physical fitness is very important for everyone to lead a healthy life. There are several ways you can promote your employees’ physical well-being. There are various innovative ways such as on-the-go gyms or pop-up gyms where certain gym equipment is provided in the office space for your employees so that they can use them at their convenience. Also, including healthy food options in the cafeteria will help them to stay fit.

You can avail endless benefits of these wellness programs by incorporating them into your office space. Corporate wellness Dubai is now becoming a major part of the corporate sectors of Dubai and you can also get the benefits of it if you implement the wellness program in your office. To know more about implementing a holistic corporate wellness program in your company, visit us at LivlivelySheetal and get guidance from the best corporate wellness coach in Dubai.


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