How to Become a Certified Health Coach

What does health coaching mean?

Health coaching is the use of techniques such as counselling and accountability checks to motivate lifestyle changes. Health coaching does not eliminate the need to see other healthcare professionals, such as physicians and physical therapists. Typically, they improve the health of individuals in moderate to good condition. People who desire to reduce their stress levels, lose weight, and consume a more nutritious diet frequently seek the guidance of a health coach.

Certified Health Coach

What is the role of a health coach?

Health coaches encourage their customers to make positive life changes. Among their daily responsibilities are the following:

  • ending clients check-in messages

  • Participating in workouts with established clients

  • Recruiting new clients and developing basic exercise and diet regimens

  • Evaluating client progress and modifying plans as required

After several years as a health coach, some professionals establish their own health coaching enterprises. These specialists must sell their services to get new customers. They can eventually recruit additional health coaches and assume a greater managerial role. Some health coaches can have a qualification or area of specialty, such as nutrition.

Certified Health Coach

Responsibility of a health coach

  • Design and direct exercise regimens

  • Make dietary recommendations, including macronutrient consumption

  • Set measurable objectives and assess client progress

  • Recommend stress management strategies

How Does One Obtain Certification as a Health Coach?

Certified health coach candidates can begin their careers quite soon. This profession requires simple certification, however, there are additional ways to thrive. Keep in mind that the process of becoming a certified health coach varies for everyone.

Step 1: Earn an Undergraduate Degree

While not all health coach certification programs demand a bachelor’s degree, these coaches could be able to better serve their clients if they get one. Undergraduate degrees in disciplines such as exercise science, health science, and health education enable students to comprehend the rationale behind the practices. Future clients and employers will value science, human anatomy, and nutrition-related disciplines.

Through their education, students develop both soft and hard skills, such as interpersonal communication and workout planning. They learn how macronutrients contribute to the efficient operation of the human body and how to target certain muscle regions through movement.

Certified Health Coach

Step 2: Obtain Certificates

States do not require health coaches to be licensed or certified. However, professionals without these credentials cannot use the terms registered, certified, or licensed in their advertising. Moreover, certified health coaches can make more than their non-certified counterparts.

Step 3: Obtain Employment as a Health Coach

Commonly, certified health coaches seek entry-level positions as health education specialists at community health centers.

When seeking employment as a health coach, applicants should look for positions with room for promotion. Health coach aspirants who are having trouble getting employment can apply for an internship at a local fitness establishment. Health coaches who wish to acquire a master’s degree in health administration in the future would wish to undergo clinical job shadowing or seek positions at clinics.

Most health coaches work in entry-level employment for one to three years before advancing their careers or launching their own health coaching businesses.

Step 4: Consider Continuing Education or Specialization

To justify charging greater prices to customers, certified health coaches should pursue a specialty or further study. They can do so by acquiring a certification in a specialized area of health coachings, such as holistic health coaching or aerobic exercise. Or they could opt to get a master’s or doctoral degree to conduct research in the health coaching profession. Professional groups also provide possibilities for continuous education via webinars and conferences.

How long is the certification process to become a health coach?

The time required to obtain health coach certification varies. For instance, health coaches who get a bachelor’s degree spend approximately four years studying. Then, they frequently spend at least a year pursuing certification. Some health coaches pursue certification while completing their bachelor’s degree.

Some health coaches can begin working after finishing only a single internship or online course. These practitioners do not, however, market themselves as qualified or registered health coaches.

Creating a health coaching business can require more time. Typically, health coaches spend two to three years working for an employer before establishing a clientele. Or they can maintain part-time employment while growing a clientele.

Becoming a health coach may not be easy with the amount of time required to be a certified and qualified health coach, but it’s rewarding and worth the effort at the end.


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