7 Ways To Improve Gut Health

Gut health is very important for our overall well-being. It signifies the condition of our digestive microbiome. Many microscopic organisms and bacteria constitute the microbiome. Usually, there is a balance between good and bad bacteria in the microbiome which indicates a healthy gut. But when this balance is interrupted by an increased number of bad bacteria, it causes dysbiosis. Dysbiosis indicates an unhealthy gut.

Nowadays, it is very easy to have an unhealthy gut if you eat a lot of processed food and stress over everything. And therefore, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a healthy gut for a holistic existence.

  1. Include fermented foods in your diet

    Fermented food like yogurt, pickle, kimchi, etc are very well-known for improving gut health. They increase good bacteria in the microbiome and reduce the chances of stomach inflammation. Thus, it is a good idea to include fermented foods into your daily diet to maintain a healthy gut.

  2. Fibre-rich food

    Fibre is found in root vegetables, beans, legumes, whole foods, and nuts. It helps to boost good bacteria in your gut. Fibre-rich foods not only help to maintain a healthy gut but also help in reducing constipation, levels of bad cholesterol, and high levels of blood sugar.

  3. Chew your food properly

    Many people just swallow their food, or chew only once or twice. But we cannot overlook the fact that our mouth is a part of the digestive system. And chewing our food properly and slowly can have a beneficial impact on our gut health. Because when you eat your food in a hurry, big chunks of food can have an adverse impact on your gut health. So, if you properly chew your food before swallowing it, it would be easier for your gut to digest and function properly.

  4. Eat healthy food

    It is a well-known fact that the more you eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fibres, and whole grains, the healthier your gut becomes. Therefore, it is very important to incorporate healthy foods into your daily diet. Including apples, grapefruits, lettuce, broccoli, walnuts, chickpeas, etc in your daily diet would be a good idea to improve your gut health.

  5. Drink more water

    Healthy intake of water regularly has multiple health benefits. Staying hydrated can improve your overall health from the skin to the gut. It helps the gut to function properly and absorb nutrients like vitamins and electrolytes more easily. Thus, staying hydrated is essential to maintaining the health of your gut.

  6. Declutter your mind

    High levels of stress adversely affect your gut. Stress issues can give rise to gut-related issues like stomach inflammation, gas-related problems, and irritable bowel syndrome. So, it is very important to de-stress and de-clutter your mind to improve the health of your gut.

  7. Staying fit

    Staying fit is also vital to maintaining a healthy gut. Exercise or physical activities are very beneficial to improve the blood flow in the peristalsis muscle which helps indigestion. Also, exercise helps promote healthy sleep which is also important in maintaining a healthy gut.

Gut health is very important to leading a healthy life. Therefore, you can adapt these above-mentioned tips that will help you to maintain a healthy gut and live your life to the fullest. Visit LivLively to find out more about how you can attain gut health and keep your body’s condition in check.


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