Individual Health Coaching

Any lifestyle change is a gradual process, particularly when it relates to something as basic as food. The change process requires both awareness and discipline for sustainable results. Hence I offer a 6 months program of 12 fortnightly individual sessions of 50 minutes each.

In these sessions, we will discuss and explore:
  • Your complete Health History

We will review your current and previous health conditions to be able to structure the rest of the program for your specific needs.

  • Nutrition Concepts and Common Nutrition Myths

I will educate you on the fundamentals of good nutrition and how they can be applied in daily life without causing a significant change or disruption. Healthy eating need not require a visit to the bank or dipping in your savings!

We will also discuss the Common Nutrition Myths.

For example, while organic food is generally better than non-organic food, not every food (say Avocados) needs to be organic.

  • De-constructing Cravings and Identifying trigger points for health conditions

We will explore why you make the food choices that you do and identify the underlying emotional triggers for your food choices.

  • Establishing what food suits you

One person’s food could be another person’s poison. This is the primary reason why fad diets and pre constructed diet programs don’t work.

An important aspect of my program is to identify the food that suits you, keeping in mind your health conditions and wellness goals.

  • A nutrition plan designed for your body

After identifying the food that suits you, we will develop together a customized diet plan for your specific requirements. My approach is to identify the ingredients that are commonly available and can be used in daily life. We will prepare a plan using these commonly available ingredients that can become part of your life, and thus make the plan more sustainable.

  • Exploring aspects of your life (‘Primary Food’) that impacts your food choices and wellbeing

The focus on your life in its entirety including ‘Primary Food’ (i.e. your relationships, your stress level, happiness) is absolutely unique part of the program that differentiates it from other diet based interventions. Our food choices are often a reflection of deeper contributory factors; no nutritional plan will provide long term results unless these factors are understood and addressed.

The focus on Primary Food brings results to my clients which are far beyond awareness of nutrition and dietary concepts.

  • Goal Setting

After developing the plan to improve your wellbeing, we will identify short term goals to convert the plan to reality. A fundamental principle of Health Coaching is that you have the solution to your wellbeing challenges and the Health Coach helps you to discover your capability to address these challenges.

We will agree the steps to take both in the short term and the long term.

In our sessions, we will review the progress to ensure you remain on track to improve your wellbeing.

My clients often confirm the goal setting part of the program to be an effective element that ensures, unlike new year resolutions, the plans are converted to reality and the long term benefits could be life changing.

“I will help you to develop a structured plan to achieve your wellbeing goals and provide continuous support to convert the plan to reality”